Goran Bregovic strikes again with a great concert

Goran Bregovic strikes again with a great concert. This time – in Belgrade (Beograd), Serbia.

Watch this piece, and check after it ends for similar ones. It’s called “On the back seat of my car” (thanks, Vlado!). Although the quality is not great, one can feel the rhythm. And if you can’t feel it, then I feel sorry for you 🙂

The first 1:30 min. is a joke conversation with the audience. Watch and listen to the great Bulgarian female back vocals after that. These are Daniela and Ludmila Radkovi (they are sisters). Check more videos from this concert, uploaded by kalisteras.

I’ve blogged before about Goran here, here, and here, and a slide show of his New York 2006 concert can be seen here.

The man is a genius, no questions. And he performs with a smile; he likes the music. That’s rare, compared to other, quite serious musicians…

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  1. Alan Levin says:

    Hi Veni,
    Great stuff! Thanks for the pointer…

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