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Tsar Boris III knew what would happen to the deported Jews

A number of articles have been published recently in some Bulgarian news, – or better, “news” — outlets, pretending that their authors will present the history of the participation of Bulgaria in the Holocaust “in a new way”. Some of … Continue reading

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Action Plan or Revisionism of the History of Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian government is organizing a meeting on May 12, 2023 to discuss a document with the title NATIONAL ACTION PLAN TO COMBAT ANTI-SEMITISM AND PRESERVE JEWISH HERITAGE. The document is misleading right from the title, as it diverts from … Continue reading

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“ Remembrance never ends” says German President Steinmeier on 8th of May 2020

Seventy-five years ago today, the Second World War came to an end in Europe. 8 May 1945 marked the end of the Nazi reign of tyranny, the end of night-time bombing raids and death marches, the end of unprecedented German … Continue reading

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The Loss of a Friend

Dear colleagues and friends,  It is very, very difficult to write these words. The loss of a young person is always a tragedy.  The untimely loss of a friend is even worse, and is always a very difficult time.  The … Continue reading

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My 50th Birthday – and an appeal to WITNESS it together!

Dear Friends! I am celebrating a milestone on April 3rd 2018: my 50th birthday! I was born in 1968 in Skopje, Macedonia, and only a month later my family had to find political asylum in Bulgaria, where I grew up … Continue reading

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Сър Кен Робинсън: Дали училищата убиват творчеството?

20-минутен клип, със субтитри на български (и на още 67 езика), гледан е над 49 милиона пъти в сайта на ТЕД, още 14 милиона в YouTube и още кой знае колко пъти къде ли не. Сър Кен Робинсън говори за … Continue reading

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“Нямам какво да крия” и други погрешни разбирания за неприкосновеността на личния живот

Автор: ДАНИЕЛ ДЖ. СОЛОВ* Настоящата статия бе публикувана с препратка в  блога на Пейо Попов, но сайтът, на който се намираше, вече не работи, затова го помолих да ми прати текста и го пускам тук. Книгата със същото заглавие може да бъде … Continue reading

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My DNA (ep. 2)

10 years ago I published my paternal DNA history. Today’s time for my maternal one. Branch: L3 Age: 67,000 Years Ago Location of Origin: East Africa This woman’s descendants would eventually account for both out-of-Africa maternal lineages, significant population migrations in Africa, and … Continue reading

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Cheap Russian Propaganda Against Bulgaria and the European Union

Here’s how the propaganda against the European Union is working. A day after the speech of Donald Tusk in Sofia, the Bulgarian Facebook suddenly discovered and is spreading a lie, made in Russia. Here it is, as shown on the … Continue reading

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The T-Generation

The new generation, of course, is “T” – for Twitter. We are supposed to express a major thought, a feeling (or more than one) in 140 characters. Or less, of course, as less is more. I also use Twitter – … Continue reading

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