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The First Meeting of the IGF Advisory Group to the Secretary-General of the UN

The first meeting of the IGF Advisory Group took place in Geneva, May 22-23. If you have to go to Geneva – try to book at the Manotel hotels. Any of them will do the job, but the closes to … Continue reading

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Bulgaria Remains on Track for EU Entry in January 2007

This news just came in from the European Commission. I’ve made some compliation from different sources, and as many they are, the number of opinions differs. Here are some of them:

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Free phone calls to fixed/wireless phones in the USA and Canada available now

No joking. Skype announced that all US and Canadian-based Skype customers can now make free SkypeOut calls to traditional landline and mobile phones in the US and Canada. Previously, Skype users in both countries were required to pay for Skype … Continue reading

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Internet users in Bulgaria

Latest data about Internet usage in Bulgaria in March 2006 from Market Test: Total percentage of Internet users (between 15 and 69 years): 29.3 % Internet use from home: 15.10 % Internet use from Internet clubs: 14.80 % Internet use … Continue reading

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Microsoft Internet Explorer loses ground in the blog community

You always read statistics about the number of people using MS Internet Explorer, compared to other browsers. Usually big research corporations give something like 90 % for MS browsers, 10 % for others Today it all chnages. We are going … Continue reading

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To all future ICANN directors – the hidden, secret part of ICANN’s life

Many people ask me “What is it to be on the Board of ICANN?” Here is my response, with some astonishing data.

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ICANN turned down .xxx

Earlier today, ICANN took a decision to not approve the .xxx in the top-level domain zone. The application was proposed by the ICM Registry.

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Skype releases new beta, 2.5 – and now you can send SMS! But US users – be careful!

My Internet colleague Peter Kalmstrom from Skype told me today about the new Skype beta – 2.5. It has some pretty cool features. I think you could also try it (regardless that it’s a proprietary software, which is a bug, … Continue reading

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Under Russian pressure, Sweden shuts down Chechnia site?

According to a message at Kavkaz Center, the Swedish authorities have effectively shut down the web site. It’s been under pressure in its previous locations – Lithuania and Finland, and now it’s been shut down by Sweden. On May 5th, … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festival and two movies you must see

In the last days I saw two movies, which I highly recommend. They had their world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The first movie is Dear Talula. It is a half-hour documentary about Lori Benson – a young woman, … Continue reading

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