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France legalized music and movies donwload from the Internet

Xinhua announced just a while ago that France’s lower house of Parliament has voted today to make download content from the Internet legal. That is considered to have a big impact on many companies dealing with copyright.

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Another BSA report on software "piracy" in Bulgaria

Today, the BSA published a report about the so-called software piracy. I say “so-called”, because of the interpretation of the data by the Bulgarian branch of BSA. Here’s how the data should be read in historical order:

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GSM phones and PDA

Many of the geeks are using today mobile phones, which are also PDAs. All major phone companies produce such devices now, and compete for the increasing number of users. Among my favourite companies is HTC – perhaps you haven’t heard … Continue reading

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Bulgarian media on Bild article

Bulgarian media today publishes a lot of translations from a Bild news article. The German tabloid apparently has blamed Bulgarian President and Prime Minister with connections to the mafia, and all other staff around Iraq.

Posted in General | Leave a comment (means “meeting”, “dating”, in Bulgarian) is one of the sites, created and developed by my long-time friend and colleague, Mitko Ganchev. It may be worth visiting, esp. if you speak Bulgarian and want to make friends.

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How an investigation should be made

I’ve read today a very huge article at the New York Times, and decided it’s worth linking it here.

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New interesting web sites

There are two new web sites, which are quite interesting: – Creative Commons Bulgaria (in Bulgarian only). It is dedicated to the ISOC-Bulgaria project on bringing Creative Commons to my country. Ms. Dessi Pefeva is the blog-master there, but … Continue reading

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Letter to the USTR against fake data from BSA

I’ve found this in my mail archives, but decided to publish it for its relation to an article which I wrote a few days ago. The moral of this stories is that fake data must be traced down and fake … Continue reading

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Creative Commons and Goran Bregovic

Goran Bregovic is the most famous Balkan composer and perhaps the only European rock-star. His official web page is here: Goran. Lots of information is also on the Wikipedia. I have been at several of his concerts – mainly in … Continue reading

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What notebook

I am wondering what notebook should I get? There are soooooooo many options. I’m thinking about the Lenovo Thinkpads, but today they have two models, which kind of compete between each other – the Z-60t and the T-43. Each of … Continue reading

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