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McAfee Releases Virtual Criminology Report

Good news: Bulgaria is not listed there. Bad news: dangers on the Internet are making people, companies, organizations, governments, personal computers, small and large networks more and more vulnerable. * The increasing cyber threat to national security An estimated 120 … Continue reading

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Bulgaria Responds to the European Commission's Letter

Two days ago I blogged about a letter from the European Commission (EC) aimed at sanctioning Bulgaria. Today there are some good news coming from my government: 1. The Council of Ministers appointed Mr. Vesselin Bojkov as new chairman of … Continue reading

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European Commission to sanction Bulgaria?

Thomson Financial announced that the European Commission (EC) has started a procedure to sanction Bulgaria for the lack of independence of the national regulatory authority – the Communications Regulation Commission. According to e-mail communications I had with Thomson Financial, “the … Continue reading

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WindowsXP performed better than Vista

cnet reports: Vista’s performance with the service pack increased less than 2 percent compared to performance without SP1–much lower than XP’s SP3 improvement of 10 percent. The tests, run on a Dell XPS M1710 test bed with a 2GHz … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Actually this one is by Stephen Colbert, but at the time he was still with Jon Stewart. It’s called “Living in a police state”. Government spying on its citizens means gaining limits on those freedoms – Freedom Plus.

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Another of Jon Stewart’s brilliant pieces: President Bush versus Texas Governor Bush. You must watch this, but don’t wonder why the President is so different in his thinking from the Governor. Nobody knows the answer to this question.

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There are more than 13 root servers. Much more.

Many people talk about root servers, domain names, IP addresses, and these words sometimes sound like a secret society codes. Here’s an explanation of the number of root servers. Some people claim that the root servers are “controlled by the … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Have you ever watched Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central show? No? You’ve missed a lot. Yes? Then perhaps you can enjoy yet again this piece from January 20, 2005 – the day when President Bush stepped into his second term (watch … Continue reading

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За отно??енията между министрите и "Майкрософт"

Какво мислите, има ли далавера в поредната сделка на държавата с “Майкрософт”? Николай Василев е казал пред бТВ (цитиран в “Сега“): Министърът на държавната администрация Николай Василев организира обществена дискусия на 29 ноември за използването на софтуер с отворен код … Continue reading

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Защо в България няма добри мобилни оператори?

Защо в България няма добри мобилни оператори ли? Защото предпочитат пред оправяне на услугите си, да си поръчват подобни статии като тази в дне??ния “24 часа” Ето как удобно започва статията под заглавие “Тарикати крадат роуминг” и подзаглавие “Бизнес с … Continue reading

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