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Bulgarian News Dissection – 4

Bulgarian “Trud” daily publishes today an editorial, under the headline “USA points us our new rulers“. And continues… “…The leaders of the SDS* Plamen Yurukov and of GERB* Tsvetan Tsvetanov are on their way to the USA, invited by the … Continue reading

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В МО ще съдят ??еф за щети в размер на 35,000 лв., а в МДААР кога ще се почне с делата?

Главният прокурор съобщава: След проучване и анализ на получени от Министерство на отбраната материали и след извър??ени проверки в Софийска военноокръжна прокуратура са образувани три досъдебни производства:… 2. Срещу подполковник Д??М??ТЪР ВАТРАЛЕВ – зам. началник Направление „Финанси” при Главен щаб … Continue reading

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From the history of the Internet in Bulgaria

This below was written 10 years ago. It was done when the then .bg ccTLD decided to start charging for registration of domain names in the .bg space. Digital Systems Slavov & Co – Varna, which due to historic reasons … Continue reading

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Creative Commons License Recognized in Bulgarian Court

Bulgarian blogger Elenko Elenkov writes that the Sofia City Court started the case, which he filed against the 24 hours daily (a WAZ newspaper) for using a picture, made by Elenko, without following the license, which he is using on … Continue reading

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Bulgarian News Dissection – 3

The Macedonian daily Dnevnik (not related to the Bulgarian daily with the same name) writes the following: Бугарите колку сакаат може да ??а оспоруваат засебноста на македонскиот народ, дури и во своите вицови – една верзи??а на темата “На??кус бугарски … Continue reading

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Bulgarian News Dissection – 2

Mediapool described a recent visit of the Prime Minister to the Architects University. According to them he had lunch in the cafeteria of the University. According to Mediapool he had for lunch steak with potatoes, soup of boiled veal, shopska … Continue reading

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Bulgarian News Dissection – 1

Bulgarian daily “Dnevnik” published an article, “The sorry of the chief prosecutor“. It says, among other things, “The Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev expressed his regrets for the fact that about 200,000 cases have become void. Each prosecutor has to deal … Continue reading

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Мicrosoft to introduce open document format?

Microsoft has published a press-release, announcing they will provide MS Office users with the option of saving documents in open document format (ODF): With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) scheduled for the first half of … Continue reading

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Open letter to digital standards developers, supporters, and advocates

This is quite a useful document. Please, read, share. The letter is initially signed by several well-known people, among them some that I know. You can see the actual Hague declaration with all the signatures until now, and sign it … Continue reading

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България – поглед отвън

??вайло Калфин е писал в блога си как се вижда България отвън – в международната общност. Да, така е. Сред другите страни България изглежда точно така, както е описана от вън??ния ни министър (цитирам го без притеснения – макар и … Continue reading

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