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Interesting Blogs (part 2 of many)

Another one of the Interesting blogs – Patrick’s. Patrick is chairman of the Luxembourg Internet Society, and also fellow Trustee of the Internet Society. He has quite a good knowledge about what’s going on in Europe and around the world … Continue reading

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Interesting Blogs (part 1 of many)

I have some blog addresses listed on my blog. However, there are many more to be considered for reading. One of the nice Bulgarian language blogs is the one of Nelly Ognyanova. Nelly is a law professor at the Sofia … Continue reading

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EDRi – European Digital Rights

Yesterday I mentioned EDRi, and that reminded me to write a note about this organization. European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002. Currently 25 privacy and civil rights organisations from 16 different countries in Europe have EDRI membership. I … Continue reading

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Google Offices Invaded by Police in Italy

My colleague from EDRi Giancarlo Livraghi of ALCEI sent this to the EDRi mailing list, and I publish it here, as it’s quite important: The “Google case” in Italy: one more excuse for censorship and repression There is widespread concern … Continue reading

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Daniela Vasileva: Exhibition in Chelsea (New York)

A Bulgarian artist, Daniela Vasileva will have an exhibition in New York from December 7 to December 27. Daniela Vasileva was born in Bulgaria and studied in Sofia at the Academy of Fine Arts. Vasileva’s work has appeared in shows … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality talk with the FTC

May be you remember that I wrote I will be talking to the FTC on the subject of Net Neturality? Well, the conversation was yesterday, and it was quite an experience. So, it was me and people from the FTC … Continue reading

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Welcome, Sebastian and Major Major

This is a welcome message to Sebastian, a fellow New Yorker, who will be bloging on this site. You will find his introduction note in the next entry. Major Major is another American, living in Sofia. He will be also … Continue reading

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Coffee Run

Now is the autumn of my discontent. Or not, actually – I couldn’t think of another way to start my own introduction. So I ripped off from both the Bard and Steinbeck. Heck, it worked for them then, it’ll work … Continue reading

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Sebastian: International Man Of Mystery

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian, and I’ve been asked by everyone’s favorite Bulgarian to share my thoughts and experiences about dining and nightlife. These musings will primarily focus on the epicenter of the universe, none other than … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on Free Software

In an interview for, Bill Gates speaks about Free Software and Stallman. I think it’s worth reading it, esp. that Mr. Gates does not answer to the main question – about the open source. It’s worth mentioning also that … Continue reading

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