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EU investment in BOL.BG

The European investment fund CEE GROWTH LUXEMBOURG SICAR S.C.A has invested a significant amount of money in the Bulgarian Internet Service Provider BOL.BG The investment shows the enlarging activity of the fund in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s a result … Continue reading

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British Governmental Agency Issues Warnings Against Using Windows Vista

The British government’s Educational Communications and Technology Agency – BECTA has issued a serious warning against using Windows Vista in the British schools. The report is recommended for schools, government and partners, industry and developers. It will be indeed important … Continue reading

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Interesting Study on Economic Impact of Open Source Software

Economic impact of open source software on innovation and the competitiveness of the ICT sector the EU – it was published today at the European Commission web site. You can download and read this quite useful report, 287 pages, prepared … Continue reading

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Bulgaians Fight For Their Rights to Read Books Online

There was an article at last year, but I refer to it now, as today has published a Dnevnik daily article (note: in Bulgarian) about the problems Bulgarian face when they try to read/download books online, including books … Continue reading

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Dell Goes Green, a Bulgarian Doctor Is Doing The Same for Years

Michael Dell has said yesterday in Las Vegas that the entire PC industry should adopt free recycling programs for users, as he announced his company will plant a tree for every computer it sells. Quite a wise move! Congratulations for … Continue reading

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What is Google Up To?

I was talking today with my colleague and friend Mitko Ganchev, and while discussing the new services Google offers, we reached to the conclusion that in a few years, if nothing major doesn’t stop them, Google will replace everything – … Continue reading

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EPIC – Evolving Personalised Information Construct

A friend of mine from Holland has sent me the url to a wonderful small clip of what has happened on the Internet since the beginning, and what’s still to come. It’s a flash movie, made by Robin Sloan for … Continue reading

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EU Membership Comes With a Price; Some Bulgarian Companies Will Pay It.

This time it’s the price Bulgarians pay for services and products from the European Union. A Bulgarian reader of the IT-news portal has published this information – Transaction date: 01-01-2007 11:30 – Product name: Skype Credit balance of EUR … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2007, Welcome to the European Union!

As of now, as of this second, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union! Congratulations to all of the Bulgarians, who contributed to this historical fact! Congratulations to all my friends and colleagues, who made this possible: – Ivan … Continue reading

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