What is Google Up To?

I was talking today with my colleague and friend Mitko Ganchev, and while discussing the new services Google offers, we reached to the conclusion that in a few years, if nothing major doesn’t stop them, Google will replace everything – starting with Microsoft, and ending with the Gigabytes of RAM, hundreds of Gb of HDD, new processors, etc., etc.

What people will need for their daily work, would be just a keyboard and a monitor, plus Internet connection.

Indeed, today’s users have at Google almost everything they need – their domain name can be hosted there, they can get their e-mail (spam-filtered), they can write documents and spreadsheets (and share them with others), they have their calendar. They can publish their pictures (and edit them quite successfully), or blogs. Oh, they can also see themselves, or at least their houses at the Google Maps. Or share information on what they read via the Reader.

People can make money from Google, check how their web sites are doing, and talk between each other. Actually, you can see on your own what else is there.

What Google lacks today, I am sure will be fixed tomorrow: SIP-phone, putting together all different IM (instant messaging systems like ICQ, Yahoo messanger, AOL, etc.), some music player, which should be able to play songs that people could upload, or just put the urls, so that they can be played for them.

Or may be they already have all that, but I didn’t have the time to find out about it… 🙂

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