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I will be offline for the next few days. First of all, May 1st is a holiday in Bulgaria (Labour day – but we don’t really work there). Secondly, I’ve spent the last days working on a project document, and … Continue reading

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The Financial Times Published An Awful Insult Towards All Bulgarian Women

and my immediate reaction: to send this letter to the editors, and to Bulgaraian all over the world: To: Financial Times Editors Financial Times No. 1 Sauthwark Bridge London se1 9hl England, UK Copy: Bulgarian media

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LinuxWorld 2006, virtualization, and an example from real life

Just a few days ago the Linux World 2006 conference took place in Boston. Some of the news from there:

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ISOC Bulgaria contributes to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

The Internet Society (ISOC) – Bulgaria and its Internet Governance (IG) Project has sent the following contribution to the Secretariat of the IGF: For those of you, who don’t know what the IGF is, please visit the IGF web site. … Continue reading

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To .xxx or to give up?

When I read* the piece “The End User: Adults only? Not so fast”, published on March 30, 2006, I was tempted to respond at the IHT Digital Dialogue blog. I did that, but later, thinking again about the article, I … Continue reading

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The future of the Internet

There are many places where the future of the Internet is being discussed. I am looking towards writing a piece on that topic. If you have ideas, please, either send me an email at, or drop a line here. … Continue reading

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Who proposed ".eu" and what ICANN did about the launch of the new TLD

A few days ago I wrote about the new top level domain (TLD), “.eu”, and mentioned my belief that it’s a good sign for the Internet, and for the market of domain names. I also responded to some critics that … Continue reading

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.eu hits the sky

The new top level domain, “.eu”, started accepting applications yesterday. As of today… No, as of this minute they have 1,240,956 registrants. Why I corrected myself, with “as of this minute”? Because 7 hours ago there were “only” 1,212,553 domains. … Continue reading

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Microsoft cuts a deal with governments from developing countries

Today sources from several developing countries’ governments world-wide announced, that Seattle-based Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has cut a deal with them to provide them with a new version of their MS WindowsXP, specially designed for developing countries. The new version is … Continue reading

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