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The New York Times published a positive article about Bulgaria's night life

Today’s New York Times published a good article about night life in Bulgaria. It starts with a description of a well-known place for all Bulgarian students – the Studentski grad (Google’s Maps), or Student’s Town – a place, where majority … Continue reading

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Според българския съд вече няма Народен парк "Странджа"

ВН??МАН??Е: (1 юли, 02:07 часа: има нови връзки в края на статията! ??звестно е, че в България, а и по света (да не помислите, че сме уникални) има винаги недоволни от ре??енията на съда. В случая недоволните са протестирали преди … Continue reading

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GPL v. 3 is released

The Free Software Foundation released version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), the world’s most popular free software license. “Since we founded the free software movement, over 23 years ago, the free software community has developed thousands … Continue reading

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В Македония протестират срещу българска фирма

“Фокус” съобщава за протест срещу възможността българска фирма – “Енергоремонт” да купи охридксата фирма “Емо”. За самата покупко-продажба писа и ??нвестор.бг. ??нтересната новина е, че македонските работници протестирали с лозунги от типа “Защо да ни купуват българите?” Фокус напомня, че … Continue reading

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FTC Issues Staff Report on Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy

I blogged on Nov. 22nd, 2006, about an interview I had with the FTC Internet Task Force some time ago. Well, today the Federal Trade Commission’s Internet Access Task Force issued a report, “Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy (PDF),” which summarizes … Continue reading

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San Francisco bans plastic bottles – cool!

CNN reported that the mayor of San Francisco has issued an executive order banning city departments to buy bottled water. It turned out they use about 1 billion bottles per year, and because of “the environmental impact of making, transporting … Continue reading

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Omniglot – writing systems and languages of the world

Just found this (thanks, Anne-Rachel!): Omniglot. It allows me to check the spelling, pronounciation, and different meaning of every letter in every alphabet. On this page all languages are listed.

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Products and food, made in China, are dangerous for your health and/or life!

A blog site makes this popular – Chinese made food, health products (e.g. toothpaste), and toys for kids, are dangerous for human life and health. Read the rest of the story at the original address. My question is how do … Continue reading

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Поредната черна точка за "Майкрософт"

??нтересна публикация в, от която се разбира за поредната черна точка за “Майкрософт” – този път в опитите му да “прецака” Google.

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Larry Lessig moves on to fight corruption

Yovko informed me that a good friend of mine, and of Bulgaria, has decided to move on and switch from fighting big copyright corporations to fighting corruption. Prof. Lawrance (Larry) Lessig has announced this during the iCommons iSummit in Dubrovnik … Continue reading

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