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Another fault start for Microsoft: advertizes non-configured web portal

As reports, Microsoft Bulgaria is advertising the release of – web portal for the Bulgarian teachers. The only problem is that the advertised as “the educational portal of Bulgaria” is… not working. As you can see on the … Continue reading

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Dell, Michael Dell, free and open source software

I met with Michael Dell for lunch on May 25. We were at his office in Austin, Texas. Michael Dell is quiet a character. He’s very well informed not only about the IT business, but about the global development, trends, … Continue reading

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Copyright for ever? Never.

The New York Times published an op-ed yesterday. You can read it here. And below is my response to this op-ed. Dear NYT, I read the op-ed “A Great Idea Lives Forever. Shouldn’t Its Copyright?” by Mark Helprin, published May … Continue reading

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ISOC-Bulgaria responds to ITU Questionnaire about Internet governance

ISOC – Bulgaria has responded to the ITU questionnaire. Question 1: What specific activities should be undertaken for ITU “to continue to take a significant role in international discussions and initiatives on the management of Internet domain names and addresses … Continue reading

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First elections for European Parliament in Bulgaria

The elections are over. The results will be discussed from now on for many days. [update] The Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Movement for Rights and Freedom (known as DPS, or the party of the Bulgarian Turkish population), and the newly … Continue reading

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Autism – the Musical, the kids, the problems, and how to help?

Did you know that 1 in 150 kids in the USA has autism? Did you know that in 1980 it was 1 in 10,000 kids? I didn’t know if until last night. I’ve watched last night “Autism: The Musical” (the … Continue reading

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Dell opens office in Sofia

Good news! Dell opens an office in Bulgaria. The representive is Alexander Alexandrov. This is a good news, and shows that Bulgaria has started to show slowly on the Dell’s map. With new line of production, and computers with Linux, … Continue reading

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US Exports Intellectual Property

A nice piece in the New Yorker magazine. Worth reading. It talks about why the US insists on other countries changing their policies towards Intellectual property (IP), and patents. See just one paragraph from the article: Why does the U.S. … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Open Source is breaking our patents!

In an article for the Fortune magazine, Microsoft says that free and open source software violates more than 200 of Microsoft’s patents. Microsoft’s chief counsel and VP Brad Smith is quoted as saying that the Linux kernel – the deepest … Continue reading

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ISOC is looking for 3 people to join the PIR Board

The Internet Society (ISOC) seeks nominations of highly qualified individuals to serve on the Board of Directors of the Public Interest Registry (PIR) for the period 2008-2010. PIR was created by the Internet Society to manage the .ORG domain. The … Continue reading

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