Goran Bregovic – concert in New York

Goran and Veni UPDATE from April 2008:
Goran will have a concert in New York City again – July 9, 2008.
Read more here.

Original entry: That was the music event of the month in New York.Goran Bregovic for the first time in New York.
The Lincoln center* was surrounded by people asking “Do you have a ticket”? And they were right to ask this, as it turned out after 2,5 hours of music… And what a music!

Performed to more than 2,700 people, in the heart of Broadway, New York, this music shattered the hearts of newyorkers – and they will remember every song, and every sound.

I’ve been to three of his concerts before – two in Plovdiv (the first one at the International Fair hall, and the second at the Roman Amphitheatre) and one in Sofia (at the National Stadium “Vassi Levski”).This one was by far the best. And what made it even more fun – we’ve met with Goran himeself!

This was thanks to Daniela Radkova and Ljudmila Radkova – the two Bulgarian women singers, who are with Goran’s Orchestra for quite a while now. Actually since 1995 (from the movie “Underground”). They have the most devine voices I’ve heard. There are songs, where once they start singing, tears show on my eyes, and I let them go on and on… I am thankful to them for allowing me into a different world – the world of music, sights, sounds, which are so great that I encourage every visitor of this blog to get some of Goran’s CDs and listen to them.

It was interesting to note that I didn’t know them before the concert, and only 12 hours later we were talking at their hotel as best friends – and yes, they saw me the night of the concert, with my camera right next to them (“We started to wonder who is this happy and smiling man, who was warned several times by the security for taking pictures”, they said later).

As for Goran’s music, I recommend that you start with:

Goran and Sezen Aksu (Turkey)

Goran at Thessaloniki (Silence of the Balkans)

Time of the Gypsies (Soundtrack)

Balkanica (Athens Symphony Orchestra)

(Note – sometimes Amazon says that a CD has Goran’s music – e.g. “Black Cat, White Cat”. Don’t trust the description. Ask me, if you want to be sure about it)What imprresed me most at the concert: the audience. It was astonishing to see all these people – coming from all over the Balkans (which I expected), but also Americans, who would start listening to the music, and stay in their seats until the second song, when the brass band entered through the hall main entrances. That changed it all. The hall was dancing, and applauding, and singing, and yelling, and screaming, and waving, and crying… It was a fantastic experience, which I wish you all to happen to you, too!

Some pictures from the concert (click on image to see it in a bigger size, stay on the image with the cursor to see the size):

Goran Bregovic - singing Daniela Radkova and Ljudmila Radkova Goran with flowers Goran and Alen Goran signs autograph

Here’s the famous “Kalashnikov” from that concert (and here are some more video clips of his music)

And that’s the orchestra: Composer, guitar/synthesizer, snare drum, vocals: Goran Bregovic
Drums, accordion, vocals: Alen Ademovic
Solo vocals: Vaska Jankovska**
Bulgarian voices: Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova, Lyudmila Radkova-TrajkovaGypsy Brass Band***
Trumpet, bagpipes, wooden flute: Bokan Stankovic
Second Trumpet: Draganco Ristevski
Third Trumpet, vocals: Ekrem Demirovic
Trombone: Ivan Jovanovic
Second Trombone: Milos Mihajlovic
Third Trombone: Alksandar Rajkovic
Tuba: Dejan Manigodic
Sax, clarinet: Stoyan Dimov (Macedonia)String Orchestra (13 people) and Male Choir (15 people) – from Belgrade

Sound Engineer: Dusan Vasic

More pictures from the concert at Flickr.

* – The concert took place at the Avery Fisher Hall, 2738 seats, and there was not even one left empty. People who couldn’t come, gave their tickets to friends (e.g. Bojan was such a case), and there were at least two young people who were escorted outside of the hall when they were found seating without tickets.
** – She’s the same one that sings “Ederlezi” in Emir Kusturica’s 1988 movie “Time of the Gypsies”, but the audience was not very impressed with her singing 18 years after she made that outstanding performance in the movie.
*** – although called “gypsy”, at this performance it seemed like there was only one real roma person there.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Wow! I wish I had been there, Veni! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your photos of Goran are wonderful!

  2. akiki says:

    hi. i was there.. it was amazing. My serbian friends invited me.
    people were dancing all over Avery Fisher hall!
    The photos look amazing!

  3. iona says:

    I agree. Goran and his orchestra are really down to earth and nice to talk to. I am looking for some information about Goran Bregovic. I have heard he played in several films for instance in the UK with small parts. Also any information on his private life. His wife for instance Dzenana Sudzuka. Thanks Iona

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  6. glorija says:

    cao alene ti si naj lepsi decko na svetu glas fenomenelan pevas pa rasturas sta da ti kazem nema boljeg samo tako nastavi:D POZZ VOLIM TE SLATKISH

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