Goran Bregovic released a new album – Karmen

Yes, finally!

It’s Karmen (With A Happy End), and it can make you really happy.

Goran is at his usual great level, of which I wrote last year! To large extent the album is so good because of the (of course) beautiful voices of the Bulgarian singers Daniela and Ludmila Radkovi, who are performing with the excellence which they are showing in the last 14 years with Goran Bregovic world-wide.*

Songs included are (the asterisks * show my preferences):
1. Uvertira
2. Gas Gas ****
3. Savatone ****
4. Mashala Mashala ****
5. Dikh Mo Vast ****
6. Pampur Galbeno ****
7. Stop
8. Ne Siam Kurve Tuke Sijam Prostitutke *****
9. Lumia Sitoj I Gurumni
10. Soske Murseske Manglape Kurva
11. Focu Di Raggia – with Carmen Consoli
12. Me Sam Devla Romani ****
13. Koferi
14. Bijav ***
15. Lamour ***

Since the music is based on Georges Bizet original, don’t be surprised that it will sound quite familiar, however its Balkanization has made it, I think, also quite easy to understand.

Here’s list of some of the people who made this album possible:
Georges Bizet (Composer), Goran Bregovic (Composer), Goran Bregovic (Conductor), and the performers: Aleksandar Rajkovic, Alen Ademovic (lead vocal, drums), Carmen Consoli (vocals), Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova (vocals), Dejan Manigodic, Draganco Ristevski, Ekrem Demirovic, Ivan Jovanovic, Ludmila Radkova-Trajkova (vocals), Milos Mihajlovic, Stojan Dimov (clarinet), Vaska Jankovska (vocals)

More pictures of Goran and his orchestra at my flickr.

* – Their voices are not only back-vocals in all songs, but they also have their own solos, where you can distinguish their rich, full and complete voice – unmistakable. The two sisters’ voices are what make this album unique. I still remember them singing in “War” (from the movie “Underground”), where their voices are so strong, that I cry every time I hear them. Thank you, Daniela and Ludmila!

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2 Responses to Goran Bregovic released a new album – Karmen

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  2. Karmen says:

    Goran Bregovic was in Sept. 22, 2007, In Monterrey, Mexico, in the Forum Universal of Cultures.
    Was as said here, and everywhere he and his orchestra performing, amazing!.
    I was in first line and see how he conducts and same time always looking relaxed and
    enjoying, smiling…was a very warm night in all senses (23C degrees).
    All staff music are incredible. The woman voices, the solo and drums.. everything…
    More than 3,500 people in auditory.
    In one interview yesterday, he said that partitures of
    Karmen with a Happy End will be available for free in his website. He wants to spread
    this music.

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