European Commission Strips Euro 220 M from Bulgaria

EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn announced today in Brussels, that the European Commission has cut funding of Euro 220 M for Bulgaria.

BBC and Guardian write more on that.

My humble opinion: the Bulgarian police, prosecution and court system should start working. But really. Cut the, and start investigating, charging, and sentencing top-level criminals. If the judiciary system doesn’t understand that it is up to them to show Bulgaria is fighting corruption, then we’ll be indefinitely at the bottom.

Oh, and last – but surely not least – all Bulgarians should start confronting corruption at all levels – from giving (and taking) money to traffic police, or leaving money in the box of chocolates for the doctor, who was treating your old Grandma. If the society accepts as normal petty corruption, why would someone expect that it will fight the corruption on the top?

I’ve written about it in Bulgarian, and I don’t feel challenged to write in English on that topic, again. However, if there’s interest, I may change my mind.

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