Tribeca Film Festival and two movies you must see

In the last days I saw two movies, which I highly recommend.

They had their world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The first movie is Dear Talula. It is a half-hour documentary about Lori Benson – a young woman, who was diagnosed with breast cancer just 14 months after the birth of her daughter Talula.

The second movie is When The Road Bends. It’s a full 2-hour movie about the “Gypsy Caravan” – a big tour around the US of Roma performers from Macedonia, Romania, India and Spain.

Both movies are very touching, and although not having anything in common, they will for sure make you smile and cry while you watch them.

Dear Talula is a very personal and sensitive story.
It follows Lori’s life from the day her doctor called her to tell her the diagnose, through all painful and long-lasting exams and procedures. But it also shows how strong, delicate, beautiful and devoted a mother can be.
My favorite part – the whole movie. It’s so short, and so well done, that it just caught me by the heart, and didn’t let me go until the end.
For half an hour one can understand a lot about the director, about the breast cancer, about the relations between a mother and her daughter. About life.
A masterpiece!
When the Road Bends is quite a different movie.
The main word about it is, “music”. And what a music! It tells the stories of Roma performers from Macedonia (Esma Redzepova), Spain (Antonio) Romania (Taraf de Haiduks and Fanfare), and India (Maharaja). Directed by Jasmine Dellal, it shows a world so different that it’s hard to describe it. My favorite scene – when the Roma performers are fishing in one of the US cities, right in the city town park lake. The startled police officer who came to fine them tells it all.
Johnny Depp, talking about the Romanian orchestras, is also quite good. I guess he must have become interested in the topic after his participation at Arizona Dream.
I also had great time during the scenes from Skopie, Macedonia – the city, where I was born, too.
A must see (and hear!), and I am looking forward to the soundtrack (as the director promised us at the end of the premiere).

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