Goran Bregovic to perform in New York and other cities in North America

That’s a fantastic news!

Goran Bregovic will play in Canada and the US this summer!

Here’s what I got from his producer:

July 9 – Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal

July 10 and 11 – The Millennium Park, Chicago

July 13 – Lincoln Center, and it’s already listed on the web – tickets can be bought from May 1. Fisher Avery Hall, New York

Good work – and make sure you be there!

P.S. from May 1st (and some links to Goran’s music):

New information from today: No need to try to buy the tickets online (it didn’t work for me – server problems at Lincoln Center).

If you call Center Charge at 212.721.6500, you will be able to get better seats.

Here’s the mail I distributed among several of my friends:

On July 13, Thursday, at 8 p.m. at the Avery Fisher Hall*, Lincoln center, there will be a concert of Goran Bregovic and his Orchestra for Weddings and Funerals.

It’s a show you must see.

Goran is one of my favourite modern European composers and performers. In his 43-people orchestra, there are usually 2-3 Bulgarian folk singers, whose voices are amazing. Same for the 15-member male orthodox church choir from Belgrade, 13-member string ensamble from Poland, gypsy brass band from all over the Balkans.

I have been to three of his concerts (one at the National Stadium in Sofia, two – in Plovdiv), and have watched him on several others, on video, and each time they are different, amazing, and wonderful! My brother has interviewed him for the Bulgarian TV several times, and Goran has been presenting himself also as quite a knowledgable person, coming from an eclectical place.

Before starting his world-wide career with film music (also for The Time of the Gypsies, Queen Margot, Underground, and others), he was the leading musician and composer of the all-time record rock band “Bijelo Dugme” (white button) in Yugoslavia. This was the best rock band (and many consider it the only one) on the Balkans, which made each of their albums at least platinum.

You may have heard his music, performed by Iggy Pop in the movie Arizona Dream (with Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Vincent Gallo, Kim Keo)

His music can be found at Amazon.com.

Tickets for the New York concert are on sale from May 1st. You should buy yours as soon as possible, as usually they are sold out quickly.

Check this live video performance of “Nie ma Cieble” with famous Polish singer Kayah (good quality).
Or this song from his concert at the Carnevale di Venezia. (looks like bootlegged)

Another great piece of the Hungarian young singer Ruzsa Magdolna is at Youtube.

(and if you have some of his music, please, let me know – send an e-mail, or better – leave a comment here – and let’s create the fullest archive of his music… or may be – of our music, as his music is usually coming from your native place!)

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8 Responses to Goran Bregovic to perform in New York and other cities in North America

  1. chicago says:

    Goran Bregovic will play a FREE show with the full 43 piece orchestra at Millennium Park on July 10
    http://www.millenniumpark.org and a special ticketed show on July 11 at the Park West.


    Please send me more details on July 10th concert if possible to my email address
    at pjevtic@[edited]
    thank you

  3. Desiree Zeljka Miloshevic says:

    I concur with the fact that Bregovic, in addition to Stefanovski from “Leb i Sol” transl. Bread and Salt” is one of the most gifted musicians that come form old Yugoslavia… Bregovic comes from Sarajevo (now Bosnia) and Stefanovski from Skopje (now Macedonia)…
    Bregovic’s solo carieer took off with the films of Emir Kusturica. I will see him live again at the Montreal Jazz Festival, as the IETF will be there… Could be even talked into flying to NYC.
    I saw Bijelo Dugme live few times, however their 80’s albums were much original and better than some of the old “rock ones” 70s plagiarism ;-).

  4. Mili says:

    I heard that Bijelo Dugme may be in Chicago in 2006. True? Is there any way that you can confirm this news?

  5. I am not sure that Bijelo Dugme will be playing again this year. I watched on DVD their concerts in 2005 in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade, and was not that impressed.
    I guess if Goran is successful in Chicago, they might as well do it.

  6. D. says:

    Just want to let you know that concert in Chiago was great.
    Perfect…I haven’t seen him befor up until Chicago concert.
    When it comes to other members of Bijelo Dugme,I’ve seen them perform
    in the USA, to be honest with you they suck. Bebek, Tifa, and Alen
    look like poor people that come to USA to make some money.
    I remmember Bebek singing, he performed for about 30 min. took a break, and
    than performed again for another 30min ( same sets of songs )..very sad
    I am glad that Mr.Bregovic will not perform on that concert of Bijelo Dugme
    ….he just does not need that type of publicity.
    One more thing…concert in Chicao was suppoesd to be 2 hours long, bt
    it was 3-hour performance.

    So Long my friends… from Chicago

  7. R.Rudan says:


    For all of you who wants to see how it was in Montreal, there are some pictures that I took during his wonderful performance. It was really unforgottable and you wan’t beleive it Free !!!

    Web site with the pictures is on


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