Under Russian pressure, Sweden shuts down Chechnia site?

According to a message at Kavkaz Center, the Swedish authorities have effectively shut down the web site.

It’s been under pressure in its previous locations – Lithuania and Finland, and now it’s been shut down by Sweden.

On May 5th, the Swedish web-hosting company PRQ, was raided by the police, and the servers, on which Kavkaz Center was hosted, were confiscated.

The reason for the act of the police was order by the prosecution office in Stockholm, based on a protest by the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The Embassy has said that the site has published letters from readers and articles on the events in Nalchik, “approving murder and violence”.

More can be found at the follwing web site:

http://news.tmcnet.com/news/2006/05/06/1639782.htm or via the google field box – right at the top of this article.

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