Possible concert of Goran Bregovic in Paris for the ICANN June 2008 meeting!

Goran BregovicGreat News!

As some of you probably know, ICANN will host its next meeting in Paris, June 22 – 27, at the Le Meridien Montparnasse hotel.

On June 24th we could have a concert of Goran Bregovic, as part of the musICANN!
For those of you, who know the music of the Balkan genius, there’s no need to explain more (for the others, check my blog here), but to ask you for support. We need to find the money necessary to host his band.

I will try to do this coordination effort, but my blog and this entry will serve as a focal point for all of you who want to see him at the ICANN meeting.

It’s worth doing it, and it is not that expensive, so the outreach to sponsors is on. I’ve contacted the manager of Goran, and she put me in touch with their French agent from Zamzama Productions. We are working on details about musical equipment needed. Here’s the most important part (please, help if you know people/companies that can provide us with this):

SOUND SYSTEM: High Quality Line Source Array System, Appropriate for delivering high SPL at highest to the entire audience. Main stereo system must be flown above stage front 4…6 small front fill speakers should be added at stage level for first row. Please, expect highly dynamic and sometimes LOUD music. SOUND SYSTEM should be connected to a clean supply and not to any light-in supply.
FOH MIXING BOARD: Yamaha PM 5 D RH or Yamaha PM 5 D (Yamaha Pm3500 with 10 comp. rack and 2 reverbs TC 2000, Lex PCM 70 … if is PM 5 D is absolutely not available)
Prefered main systems: d & b J-series, Meyer Sound MILO, EV x-line or XLC, L-Acoustic dV-DOSC
Monitor mixing console: should have 24 inputs into 6 mixes, and graphic EQ on each output. Please, make HighPass filter on 150Hz for all monitors.

There are more requirements, but we’ll deal with Sebastien, my French colleague from ISOC-France on them.

Due to the size of the hall, and the fact it is going to be used for other events, we can have max. 1000 people, and the small band:

Goran Bregovic, Alen Adamovic (vocal) + 2 trumpets, 1 saxophone, 3 trombones (baritones), 1 Tuba and the 2 Bulgarian voices (read more about their fantastic performance here and here)

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  1. Desiree Miloshevic says:


    Thank you for such a great idea. I will try and start work on fund raising efforts.


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