Don't use if you cheat!

Nelly Ognyanova gives a link to this amazing story (3.23 Mb PDF file).

Leroy orders flowers through 1-800-flowers for his girl friend. He asks that information about this should never be sent to his home or office. Months later 1-800-flowers sent to his home address a “Thank you note”.
His wife sees the note, calls the company and asks for proof of purchase. In return she gets a copy of the invoice.
She’s divorcing him right now, he’s suing 1-800-flowers for $ 1,000,000.
End of story.
“Bring your flowers on your own”, advises Nelly.

AOL readers, though, think that Leroy does not have a case – about 200,000 of them say so (55 %), 135,000 say he has a case (37 %), and 7 % are not sure. To the question “Do you think a florist should protect the privacy of a cheating spouse?” the readers of AOL news respond: No 48%, Yes 44%, and I’m not sure – 8%.

See the receipt here (217 Kb). “I love you and you mean the world to me” by Leroy is followed by his wife handwriting on that very invoice: “Be a man!”

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  1. Leroy does not have a case. One reason is its not 1800 flowers fault he was cheating.Two he never told 1800 flowers not to send any info there such as coupons,promotional material,etc… he asked them not to send the bill there. 1800 flowers only sent a thank you note.he has no case and class. Thats what he gets for cheating.

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