The British media BBC – criminals? Not really.

The Sunday Times published an article under the headline Bulgaria calls BBC reporters criminals. Prof. Nelly Ognyanova responds on her blog:

It’s not Bulgaria. It’s not even the media, of which not everyone published the message of the Bulgarian Interiour Ministry. Today at the Horizont Radio participants said, “the Interiour Ministry knows everything about us, are they going to publish every traffic fine we’ve ever received, when we talk?”
“It’ not even the Ministry. It’s R.P.” (the initials of the minister, Rumen Petkov).

BBC responds, “We regret the publication of what is clearly confidential information and personal details that would endanger the safety of individuals concerned. We, the BBC, continue to stand by our original report.”

I don’t know why this was all necessary – people in Bulgaria know well there’s a lot of criminal activity. To try to shut down the journalists does not make the crimes disappear. The Bulgarian Capital weekly renamed the ministry to Ministry of Ostriches, and have responded with an article “The Ostrich Attacks

This is a nice picture from Hristo Komarnitski, one of the best Bulgarian cartoonists:

Rument Petkov interrogates the British Broadcasting Corporation

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  1. Jose Manuel Cano Sanchez says:

    Bulgaria has a high level of corruption, they have the policy to do that the children of the women who are divorced, go out of bulgaria to another country and marry again, could not take with them their children.
    My wife is a citizen B?lgara, she was married in her country and had a son, she was divorced, we knew ourselves and married in Mexico and when she tried to bring her son with she, the court from Bulgaria sais she must return to Bulgaria,without mattering that she is married in Mexico and we have a family.

    V Balgaria ima mnogo visoko nivo na korupcia.Vatreshna politika na darjavata e da ne se razreshava na decata da napuskat darjavata – vsichki balgarki,koito imat deca ot parvia si brak i sa omajeni za chujdenci ili izbirat da rabotiat i jiveiat v chujbina ne mogat da vzemat sas sebe si decata si-te sa nakazvani s otnemane na popechitelstvoto nad decata im.
    Saprugata mi e balgarka i ima sin ot parvia si brak,koito darjavata ne i pozvoliava da vzeme sas sebe si – balgarskiat sad i postav?a uslivie,che moje da gleda deteto si samo i edinstveno na teritoriata na Balgaria,v protiven sluchai gubi pravata nad deteto si.

    Jose Manuel Cano S?nchez
    Tel [telefonyt se pazi pri Veni]
    Puebla,Puebla, M?xico

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