TED2009 Inspirations: Regina Spektor

I’ve been listening in the last days to Regina Spektor.

Highly recommend all her songs. So far my favorite is “Apr?s Moi” from “Begin to Hope” – may be because she sings a little bit in Russian there, or may be because I listened to the live performance at the TED. Whatever the reason, she’s really, really outstanding performer.

Her music could touch all the hidden parts in your heart, and make them come to the sunshine. It may sound scary in the beginning, but as a matter of fact, the feeling is almost impossible to describe: breathing becomes intense, tears go up your eyes, and when she starts singing in Russian, her voice changes dramatically; if you are not crying by then, you must have no heart.

I don’t know what causes the sudden change in the language, and the voice – could be that she sings about February (and Russia has a lot to deal with in February, and not only because that’s the month when Regina is born).

Or could be that she actually sings about crying – and with the sound of her voice cutting directly through your ribs, and into your heart. It is an amazing feeling.

Regina Spektor is a singer worth listening to. And hearing well.

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