Microsoft claims Windows is malicious

Microsoft has released two patches today – one for a critical error in MS Internet Explorer, which is a must to install (but then, why would someone use MS Internet Explorer at all?)

The other one is the “Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool“.

The very name suggests that it probably removes the malicious Windows?

So, I am writing this entry, while the update is taking place in the background. If you don’t hear from me soon, then I was right 🙂


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4 Responses to Microsoft claims Windows is malicious

  1. Xavier says:

    Veni, I tough you were the kind of guy who uses Linux or Mac OS X as a main platform. Perhaps you should use it now you are removing that nasty and malicious Windows.

    • Xavier,
      Well… I don’t use Mac, as I use a PC.
      And I don’t use Linux, because the PC came with WindowsXP pre-installed. To migrate to Linux would have been like running away from difficult things in life. Because, as the old saying says, Windows is a metaphor for live – you never know what’s gonna happen to you, and it’s always not fair. Working under WindowsXP requires talent, skills, commitment, which you don’t need with Linux or Mac. So, the really strong people, who want to make sure they have hell of a nerve, choose Windows 🙂

  2. Sasho says:

    Veni, it’s great you’ve finally noticed the mrt.exe. It runs with the Windows Update on every second Tuesday of month, plus couple of out-of-band releases in last 4 years. Yep, it’s on your Windows machine since 2005 🙂
    What can be interesting for a guy like you, who tries to enter Bulgarian politics trough “IT expert” backdoor, is that the tool is written and maintained by Romanian Microsoft dev team.
    Xavier, I wonder too why he is not using non-Microsoft. It’s either:
    a/ Veni just lacks tech knowledge to run any *nix, and Mac’s are too expensive for him, or
    b/ it’s a secret cunning PR plan of [ ] even Microsoft 🙂

    • Sasho,
      it is indeed funny to see how someone like you can spend so much time on writing a comment, bigger than the original article. And your comment, although containing couple of smiles, is in fact serious, because it drives the discussion from the joke (did you see I put a category ‘joke’ on the entry, or you missed that?), towards things which are not only not real (e.g. I’ve never claimed I am an “IT expert”, which in our country has a very narrow scope).

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