Joi Ito published a book, called Freesouls.
It is a unique book, and you should definitely hurry and buy it (there are only 1024 copies printed with paperback, and a luxury box set of 50 copies).

I blog about this book not only because I am captured there, but because it shows a completely different way of approaching arts, in this case it’s photography and essays.
Not talking about the design of the book, which is stunning.
Whoever and wherever WANG Zhi-Hong and HSU Yu-Wen (the graphic designers) are, I want to congratulate you for your work in creating this masterpiece. I wish I knew you, but I am sure you’ll read my sincere greetings and thanks here.

Again, it is amazing to see Joi’s creativity in action.
I know him for years, and I’m a great admirer of the good things he does for the Internet, and for the world. Sometimes I think that the planet needs just a few more people like him, and all problems will be easier to solve.

The book Freesouls is published by Joi Ito, Christopher Adams and CHIANG Huei-Hsien. It is designed and printed in Taipei. Editor is Christpher Adams, Managing Director – CHIANG Huei-Hsien. MON Ya Feng is Project Manager. Patrick Smith is the photographer’s Assistant. TANAKA Miki, Yamazaki Fumi and YAGAWA Yuki are assistants.

My book is number 296 (the limited 1024 copies edition is numbered).

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