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The Somali Pirates and How to Win THAT War

The Somali pirates are so brave, because they deal with the US, EU, Chinese, etc. military. If the Americans wanted to win *this* war, they should send the MPAA and the RIAA to confront the pirates. Or, worst comes to … Continue reading

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Докладите на Европейската комисия

Ето ги: – за управлението на средствата от ЕС в България – за напредъка на България по механизма за проверка и сътрудничество. По-важни моменти и бележки по тях:

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Липсата на административен капацитет

– Кой отговаря в България за администрацията? – Министерството на държавната администрация и административната реформа. Когато Европейската комисия критикува администрацията ни за това, че е немотивирана, корумпирана и не работи добре, кой знае защо никой в България не се сеща … Continue reading

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Мicrosoft to introduce open document format?

Microsoft has published a press-release, announcing they will provide MS Office users with the option of saving documents in open document format (ODF): With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) scheduled for the first half of … Continue reading

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Microsoft's Dilemma

Randall Stross writes today in the New York Times The Computer Industry Comes With Built-In Term Limits I think what Microsoft misses in the whole situation are two things: a strategy, and tactics. In strategical terms, they don’t know what … Continue reading

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WindowsXP performed better than Vista

cnet News.com reports: Vista’s performance with the service pack increased less than 2 percent compared to performance without SP1–much lower than XP’s SP3 improvement of 10 percent. The tests, run on a Dell XPS M1710 test bed with a 2GHz … Continue reading

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