The Somali Pirates and How to Win THAT War

The Somali pirates are so brave, because they deal with the US, EU, Chinese, etc. military.

If the Americans wanted to win *this* war, they should send the MPAA and the RIAA to confront the pirates.

Or, worst comes to worst, the Business Software Alliance. BSA – either directly, or even better – through their Bulgarian counterpart.

They would include the cases of kidnapped sailors and ships, in the so-called Special 301 Report, and as a result, the Somali pirates will have to start using the ransom money to… pay Microsoft for licensed software!

Guess who will be winning at the end?

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One Response to The Somali Pirates and How to Win THAT War

  1. The successful rescue of the American captain shows that I must have been right comparing copyright law enforcement to the current situation near Somalia 🙂
    It is like some of the actions in Bulgaria and other EU countries 🙂

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