Something to worry about in Bulgaria

Focus news agency reported few days ago about a petition taking place online. The Bulgarian media has republished that information, including providing a link to the petition.

What worries me, and I believe should worry every citizen, is that the petition is against the religious beliefs of some of my fellow Bulgarians – the Turkish minority, which is about 10 % of the total population.
What worries me even more than the silly arguments in the petition itself, are the reactions of the people, who have signed it.

It is true, that the petition does not check for multiple entries by the same people, but with different names, however here are some observations:
– many of the people, who signed it, are making a lot of spelling mistakes, which means they are not completely literate;
– the petition starts with appeal, “it’s high time to put an end to the Islamization of Bulgaria”;
– more appeals inside: “Bulgaria for the Bulgarians”, “Let’s put an end to the Muslim religion in Bulgaria”, “Such a building should not be allowed”, “Enough with the Turks”, “Bulgaria above all”, etc;

I heard from a friend of mine that recently the police did not react to some behavior, related to nationalistic and ethnic issues.

This all shows that we have a serious problem in Bulgaria. How to solve it, that is the question.

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