Prague Airport

Well, one piece of advise – if you travel around the world, avoid the Prague airport. On my way to Estonia, I had to go via Prague. While Czech airlines (name tag OK:) are fine, the airport is not that great. They took all passengers in a very cold bus (temperature around zero Celzius), and kept us there, doors opened, heating not working, for… half an hour, until all late arriving passengers made it through the gate.

After this I was so freezing, that it took me the whole day and night to get back to normal sensitivity.

The airport itself is OK, and there are launges for the different companies. Of course, there’s nothing in the lanunges, except drinks and cookies; no fruits, no vegetables. Nothing like in Vienna or Frankfurt. But after all, if there was no difference, how could the czhechs progress? Now they have so big road to go:))

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