Microsoft Internet Explorer loses ground in the blog community

You always read statistics about the number of people using MS Internet Explorer, compared to other browsers. Usually big research corporations give something like 90 % for MS browsers, 10 % for others
Today it all chnages.

We are going to review the real data. And you will be surprised!

Statistics from our blog show:

MSIE: 50.79 %
Mozilla: 40.58 %
Other: 4.97 %
Opera: 3.49 %
Netescape: 0.09 %
Mobile: 0.09 %

Windows XP users: 75 %
Mac: 7.07 %
Linux: 6.54 %

This shows that people are already aware of the advantages of the non-microsoft browsers.

I’ve always been moderate, when people ask me how to better protect their computer from malicious software. I say, if you have your computer pre-installed with MS Windows, there’s no reason to delete it; you already paid for it. But don’t use anything else from Microsoft, and limit its functions to the bases needed.

I will be writing a blog entry soon to explain how one can use MS Windows, and what other software there is to replace the Outlook (Express), the Internet Explorer, the Windows Firewall, MSN messanger, etc.

The statistics above is a sign it’s time for this entry.

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