Internet users in Bulgaria

Latest data about Internet usage in Bulgaria in March 2006 from Market Test:

Total percentage of Internet users (between 15 and 69 years): 29.3 %

Internet use from home: 15.10 %
Internet use from Internet clubs: 14.80 %
Internet use from elsewhere: 9.30 %

Women: 28.20 %
Men: 30.50 %

and visiting sites, devoted to…

Using Email 44.90%
Music/MP3 39.30%
Business Information 28.80%
Newspapers/News 26.90%
Motoring 18.50%
Sport 16.70%
Downloading games/screensavers 16.70%
Other free online services 16.50%
Accessing Bulletin boards/Newsgroups 16.00%
Playing games online 15.30%
Other 13.20%
On-Line Directories 12.20%
Weather Forecasts 10.70%
Health 10.10%
Employment Opportunities 10.10%

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5 Responses to Internet users in Bulgaria

  1. mame says:

    Total number of Internet users (between 15 and 69 years): 29.3 %

    29.3 % is not a number. it is a share!

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  4. Митко Станчев says:

    ??нтересно ми е – знаете ли, макар и грубо колко е-магазина има в България?
    Митко )))

  5. Capslock says:

    2008-почти 2.5 милиона българи ползват интернет.

    е-магазини-прекалено малко.

    -неадекватни закони за тази материя
    -недоверие към пазаруването през интернет

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