Bulgarian News Dissection – 4

Bulgarian “Trud” daily publishes today an editorial, under the headline “USA points us our new rulers“. And continues…

“…The leaders of the SDS* Plamen Yurukov and of GERB* Tsvetan Tsvetanov are on their way to the USA, invited by the State Department… Nothing strange here. The Big Overseas Brother sees in GERB and SDS the future rulers of Bulgaria. [But because the two parties are not in good relations] the task of Washington is concrete – to persuade them, that if they are together, there is no way to avoid the center-right government in Bulgaria. This is clear not only in the polls today, but is being hinted by observers, and by diplomats… And there’s something strange in this visit – the lack of representatives from DSB* in this delegation. So, not only the majority of the Bulgarians, but also the Americans don’t count Ivan Kostov in their future plans.”

What actually happens in the media in Bulgaria? I can understand that they want to create news, but there is no news in the invitation by the State Department to leaders of political parties to visit the US. And certainly it is not a sign that the US sees in these two parties the “future rulers of Bulgaria”. Even more – if they were to see that, then it is even worse for these same “future rulers” to show that they go to Washington well in advance of next year elections – as if to get instructions? To say also that the future government of Bulgaria will be a center-right one shows, because “the polls say so” (they don’t), or because “observers hint so” (some of them do – people who are close to these same three parties), or because “diplomats also say it” (if they judge their seeings on articles like this one, no wonder they would say so), is not quite correct for an editorial.
I’d go one step further – to put a headline that the USA tells us who are the next rulers of the country shows complete lack of self respect. And if you don’t have self respect, you can’t expect anyone to respect you.
Naming the US “the Big brother” has nothing to do with George Orwell’s 1984, but with the fact that the communists were calling the USSR “the Big Brother”, and before that, the Russians were called “bratushki” (brothers). In other words – Bulgarian media today show they lack the big brother, someone to “take care” of Bulgaria. I only hope that there will be some politicians in my country to understand the absurdity of such a thought.

SDS, GERB, DSB – political parties in Bulgaria

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