Aerospace New York City – The Best Gym. Period.

I wrote about this fantastic gym in New York some time ago, when people were asking me how did I manage to lose weight and keep it down to normal levels.

Here’s a letter I got today from our main trainer – Michael Olajide, Jr., which gives you the idea of what kind of exercises I go through every day:

A Raisin in a Bowl of Milk

Hello members… Over the last couple weeks we have had quite a few guests from the media come through Aerospace to join us in classes. Of all the questions they posed, one stood out in particular: “What is the common thread your members share?” Humph..I was stumped. I thought about your career backgrounds and came up with finance, medicine, arts, fashion, film, etc—ok, so career wasn’t it. Then I thought about physical proximity and convenience and a million other elements but still came up dry.

I walked into the Aero3 morning class on Monday still stumped… and then the evening classes, Aerojump, Sculpt and then Box came and went. I went back to the office and you know what? It hit me…I realized the common thread was right before my left eye. What you, our members, attempt and do in your workouts, no one on this planet, save for competitive athletes, do this. For real. You work at such a high level of intensity and execute physical and mental drills that professional athletes could integrate into their workouts with the satisfaction that they had prepared the as hard as possible for competition at the top of their game. No other fitness club asks this of their members and neither do boxing clubs, for that matter. Heck, you could TEACH trainers at other clubs a thing or two about training and you’re definitely in better shape than most of them.

So as I thought about you all, there were a couple adjectives that came to mind to describe the “common thread” Aerospace members share.
#1. Work ethic: AEROPHTYES are hard workers. Period. You are entrepreneurial souls who push yourselves further, who ask more of yourselves than anyone else around you, and who constantly look for new and exciting ways to challenge yourselves. .

#2. Strong character – When faced with an intimidating task, AEROPHYTES rise to the occasion, indeed relish the challenge while most individuals would simply cower away or delegate that task to someone else. If there’s no crying in baseball then there’s certainly no whining at AEROSPACE.

If you take the Aerojump classes along with the Aerobox classes, 4-5 times per week, you are probably in better CARDIO health than (i.e. have a lower resting heart rate than): most PROFESSIONAL football players, probably basketball and hockey players and definitely baseball players, etc… the list goes on and on. PROFESSIONALS, people…now if only we can find a way to get you paid like they do. Smile.

Who’d a thunk it…There are benefits to being in the minority after all. Keep up the great work and know you are unique… Like I said, “a raisin in a bowl of milk”.

Keep up the great work, AEROPHYTES.

Yes, it is true – we indeed are in good shape. Could it be better? I bet! And I am planning on making sure it is. Every day, except Wednesday, I am there. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s difficult, but it is always rewarding, because at the end of the day I feel happy for being part of a group of great people.

Thank you, Michael!

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