Bulgaria prepares new Telecommunications Act

Bulgarian Agency for Information Technologies and Communications has announced a two-week public discussion period for the new Telecommunications Law. Its original name is “Law for electronic services”, and is in accordance with the latest European acquis in the field.

The law is published on the web site of the Agency, and everyone can download it, together with the current law, and suggest changes to Mr. Rangelov and Ms. Pasarelska at the Agency.

Unfortunately the text is only in Bulgarian, and I am trying to find out if we can obtain it in English and put it on the web.

Major issues – Internet addresses are still going to be beyond the control of the National Regulatory Authority, which means Bulgaria continues to be on the cutting edge of modern societies.

P.S. Update from October 16, 2006. Here’s the draft law in English.

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2 Responses to Bulgaria prepares new Telecommunications Act

  1. Julian says:

    Do you know if the English version is released yet?

  2. Probably. Will check and post it somewhere.

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