The first Internet Governance Forum – in Athens

Between Oct. 29, 2006 and November 3, 2006, Athens hosts the first Internet Governance Forum.

The forum is follow-up to the WSIS. More than 1000 people have registered, and perhaps all of them will come in the Greek capital. Since this is the first such event, it will also define what the next forums will look like. It all depends on the participants, which will range from civil society activists to ministers and heads of states.

Here’s what you should be visiting on line for more information:

The official site of the Athens meeting.

The IGF Advisory Group.

The IGF Forum.

There will be official blogging during the meeting.

If you go to Athens for the IGF, there are certain people you’d like to meet.

Look for and listen to (in random order) Vint Cerf (chairman of the Board of ICANN), Paul Twomey (President/CEO of ICANN), Karen Banks of APC, Janis Karklins (Latvian Ambassador to the UN in Geneva), George Sadowsky (GIPI), minister Gligor Taskovich of the Republic of Macedonia, ITC Agency chair Plamen Vatchkov, Lithuanian minister Algirdas Butkevicius, Latvian minister for e-government, Ambassador David Gross (USA), Joichi Ito (CreativeCommons), Jamie Love (CPTech), Meryem Marzouki (CNRS, France), Arkady Kremer (RANS, Russia), Jim Dempsey (CDT, USA)… and many more visionaries and people with in depth knowledge of the Internet.

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