Some dates and years in my usage of the Internet

Here are some brief memories and dates, for more check this out (in Bulgarian):, which is part of a book published 5-6 years ago in Bulgaria, called “The first on the Internet”.

– first modem connection – September 1990, when I also joined FidoNet.
– first own modem – somewhere in 1991, it was a 1200 bps, with error correction, got it as a present from England
– my first own PC AT-386 at 25 MHz I bought in 1993, it had 80 Mb of HDD – quite a good machine at this time.
– what is now was founded in December 1993.
soc.culture.bulgaria – I see a posting where I am being quoted on July 21 1995
– I met Vint Cerf online (via MCImail) somewhere in 1993, as in 1994 Mitko Ganchev was his guest at the ISOC’s INET 1994 in Prague (I coudn’t make it there), and I met Vint in 1995, at his office at MCI. This was also the year I first visited ISOC’s headquarters in Reston, VA.
– Founded the Internet Society of Bulgaria in December 1995, together with Mitko Ganchev and Mitko Kirov.
– the first Linux (Slackware) was installed again that year – I brought several CDs with me from the USA (did I buy them from CD creek or something different?)
– my first blog entry must have been on or before Oct. 13, 1998, according to the date of two files at , however, I used a different domain before that, so I can’t really find out when I started the blog (well, I called it memoires on line at this time, as the word blog was not known to me)

I will put more information when I remember it.

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