Well, if you happen to be in Tallinn, make sure you buy one of the local GSM prepaid cards (I used simtel – with a cover on the CD-alike box of a woman, resmbling Black Mamba from “Kill Bill”, but not so pale:)

You will need the card (it comes usually in 150 Estonian crona, or equivalent of Euro 10) to make phone calls, to receive ones (unless you are in the GSM-charity fund, where you prefer to pay $dollars per minute so that your countrymen can call you anywhere in the world), and most importantly- to send an empty message to number 13443, which is the local Internet provider Elion. Once you get the username (it comes as whatever@presms.elion.ee) and the password – which costs only 22 crona, you will be able to browse at will on the Internet. Of course, don’t forget that the enemy is monitoring the air, so if you don’t use IPsec or similar, just change your passwords when you return home. And make sure you keep a copy of your mail somewhere:)

If you want to do some shopping there, I can’t advise you, as I only have been to the Viru Kisku (and in Tallinn everything is “viru”-something, and the Stockmann. But I was looking for kids stuff, and here’s a hint – the Stockmann has the best so far choice of Barbie dolls. Which, of course, is very important for someone who has daugther(s).

The airport in Talling is very tiny, but the shops are OK, and the prices are not as high as in Vienna. Which reminds me – NEVER buy anything at the airport in Vienna, as it usually will be times more expensive than in normal shops.
The business launge is extremly friendly and neat.

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