Warsaw airport

The airport in Warsaw reminds me of the old socialist times. Or of the one in Sofia. Long lines, slowly moving officers. When we landed, we had to wait for someone to come and unlock the door to the … transfer area! And not only that, once we got off the plane (which made it miraculously on the ground, as was shaking quite a bit!), we had to walk about 200 m along a corridor, created by tin walls, and practically outside of the airport.

The shops – full with alcohol, but didn’t have time to look through the prices. Went to the business launge, which is not quite big, and well occupied – the airport authority has to think how to alocate more space for frequent travellers. One good point – they, unlike other airports, are equal soft drink opportunity airport: you can choose between Coke and Pepsi! In other countries Coke is the leader.

So, no wonder people say “Fly by LOT, but not a lot” and “Fly or not, never by LOT”.

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