Bulgaria joined RCC

Bulgaria joined yesterday the Regional Commonwealth of Communications as a country-observer.
This happened at the 38th meeting of the RCC in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Membership is important sign that Bulgaria is building positive relations in the region, and also shows that it becomes important partner for the region. Keeping in mind that the country is chairing the ITU Council in 2008, that’s a good example of international cooperation at its best.

Bulgarian delegation consists of Plamen Vachkov, chairman of the Governmental ITC Agency (ministry of Information technologies and communications) and myself. You can see pictures from the meeting and from Astana at my flickr page.

Besides Bulgaria, other countries members or observers are all former USSR, Slovenia, Hungary, and several big companies – Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Denmark, finish Itela Group, and others.

You can read more about the event in Bulgarian here, in Russian here.

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