And Justice For All…

The Sofia Military Court has sentenced five police officers to total of 91 years in prison for the brutal killing of an Angel Dimitrov (a.k.a. Chorata). Chorata was killed in the city of Blagoevgrad on November 10, 2005, during his arrest.
The case became known because the police tried to cover the evidence that the man was killed. Initially they said he died from resisting the arrest.

The moral from this case is that when there’s publicity, the courts in Bulgaria can not anymore hide the brutality of the police.

This made me think about Witness, an organization started by Peter Gabriel (yes, the musician).

Please, if you have, or know about video footage for police brutality, upload it to Witness’ The Hub.

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  1. Bilyana O'Connor says:

    It was time for the police in Bulgaria to understand that they are not untouchable!!!!
    I am ashamed that in my country there are people that sign under the petition to save THE KILLERS

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