Go, Bulgaria! (some good words for the Bulgarian government)

I saw an article from Julian Popov, a Bulgarian blogger, dedicated to the reaction in online media about the support, provided by Bulgaria to Israel in fighting with the recent fires.

One has to read the international news, see here Associated Press via Yahoo News.

Julian writes about the Bulgarians, who publish their opinions at the end of online articles – namely Internet trolls, I’d say – who are writing in negative terms about the decision of the Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov (himself a former firefighter), to send 91 Bulgarians to help Israel fight the fires.

My contribution to the conversation: I got emails today from top level Israel diplomats, and from top level American foreign policy experts to congratulate Bulgaria; each of them with the same words:

Go Bulgaria!

People in Bulgaria should know better when to criticize the government, and when to say a few good words about it, or even be proud of it. I have been critical towards the current Prime Minister (and with pretty good reasons, I have to admit), but one has to be able to acknowledge when a good thing is done. That’s called, having principles and being fair.

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