Interesting development regarding sales of iPad in Israel

Just got this note, and know that people might be interested to see what’s going on in Israel:

    “Dr. Yehiel Shabi, the spokesman for Israel’s Ministry of Communications, issued the following statement:
    The Israeli Ministry of Communications supports importing and marketing any advanced device in Israel that benefits our citizens.
    In the case of Apple’s iPAD, a specific issue is being handled right now by our technical teams. The device’s WiFi transmitter does not conform to the Israeli standards, which follow the European standards.
    Accordingly, the operation of the device might have an adverse effect on other devices with WiFi capabilities that conform to the standards already in use in Israel.
    The Ministry of Communications contacted Apple through its local representative to determine how and when the iPAD can be allowed for proper use in Israel at the earliest.
    The Ministry expects Apple’s answer in a few days and believes that this issue will be resolved soon in a satisfactory way.”
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