Bulgarian song No. 5 in Europe

Only two days after performing brilliantly at the semifinal of the European Televisions contest, Bulgaria has another reason for joy!

The Bulgarian song “Voda” (“Water”) made it in the finals of the European television song contest! Congratulations for young Bulgarian performars Elitsa and Stoyan!

See all results here.

No 1 song of Europe is the melodic blues from Serbia “Molitva” (Prayer)

No. 2 and No. 3 are the Russian and Ukrainian songs, and No. 4 are our neighbours from Turkey.

This year competition was dominated by East European / Soviet countries – first 16 of 24 total are from my part of the world, and in the remaining eight, there is one more.

Top 3 songs, as rated by the Bulgarians in Bulgaria were Greece, Macedonia and Armenia, followed by Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Belarus. That’s quite a fair distribution of our votes. Important note: Bulgaria gave 10 points to Macedonia, Macedonia gave 8 points to Bulgaria! Good!

I am happy.

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