Bulgaria Song made it to the Eurovisian Song Festival Finals

Watch your TV (listed below) at 9 p.m., and when is time for a vote, cast your vote by sending a text message (SMS) from your GSM. The rules of the competition is that viewers from Bulgaria can not vote for the Bulgarian song. But since the song is a good one, I hope you will like it, and would vote for it.

Yes! Bulgaria made it to the Eurovision musical 2007 finals with a great song, called “Water”. The finals are this coming Saturday, and voting will be as today – with an SMS at the end of the competition. Bulgarians from all European countries, unite – and SMS your vote on Saturday evening!

Where to watch?

On television*
The Semi-Final will be broadcast live in all 42 participating countries. The show starts at 21:00 CET. For more information on local broadcast times and the channels to watch the show, please consult your TV guide, the website of your national public broadcaster or teletext.

On the internet
Over the past days, Eurovision.tv has received a lot of questions about wether the show would be transmitted live over the internet. The answer is yes! You can watch the Semi-Final and the Final of the show LIVE on the internet. One hour before the show, you can find the link to the stream on the frontpage of Eurovision.tv! To watch the show over the web, you need the special ESCTV Octoshape plugin.

With your mobile device
Viewers from Finland (through Sonera), Estonia (through EMT) and Lithuania (through Omnitel) can also watch tonight’s show on their mobile devices. The show will feature live commentary in Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian respectively. Consult your mobile operator for the correct settings by visiting their websites!

How to vote?
It’s in your hands to decide which 10 contestants will proceed to Saturday’s Final! From the 42 participating countries you can vote for your favourite song by telephone vote or by sending an SMS message. The phone- and SMS numbers will appear on your screen. You can vote as soon as the hosts opened the voting, after all songs. You can vote for 15 minutes, a counter on your television screen shows you how much time there is left to cast your vote!

Interesting observation: all songs at the finals come from Central and East Europe – Belarus, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Georgia, Latvia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Moldova (the audience in Finland was not quite happy about that, by the way:-)

So, Bulgarians all over Europe – on Saturday evening, watch, listen, and vote. You have the victory in your hands! (note: Bulgarians living in Bulgaria do not have the right to vote for the Bulgarian song, and if they do, their votes are not going to be acknowledged!)

* List of all TV stations in Europe to perform live tonight:
Austria – ORF
Albania – RTSH
Andora – RTVA
Armenia – ARMTV
Belarus – TVR / BT
Belgium – VRT RTBF
Bosnia & Herzegovina – BHRT
Bulgaria – BNT Kanal 1
Croatia – HRHRT
Cyprus – PIK
Czech – CT
Denmark – DR
Estonia – ETV
Finland – YLE
France – France3
Great Britain – BBC
Germany – NDR and ARD
Georgia – GPB
Greece – EPT
Hungary – MTV
Iceland – RUV
Ireland – RTE
Israel – IBA
Latvia – LTV
Lithuania – LRT
Macedonia – MPT
Malta – PBS
Moldova – TRM
Montenegro – RTCG
Netherlands – NOS
Norway – NRK
Poland – TVP
Portugal – RTP
Romania – TVR
Russia – Kanal 1
Serbia – RTS
Slovenia – RTV
Spain – TVE
Sweden – SVT
Switzerland – CHSF and CHTSR
Turkey – TRT
Ukraine – NTU

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