Nude Art in Mexico – picture gallery

18000 naked people on the same place – a square in Mexico. It’s called Nude Art. Check the photos at El Universal.

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  1. The main square in Mexico City is known as “Zocalo”. It is a massive plaza, area covering 240 * 220 meters; huge and compared in size with Tiananmen and Red Square.

    To the north, there is the Cathedral; west the National Palace; south is the City Hall. North East corner is an archeological site called “Templo Mayor”. Spanish conquerors build their buildings on top of ancient pyramids.

    Please note that there is no flag during the nude sessions (there is normally a huge Mexican flag in the middle of the Zocalo) and there are very few pictures of nude people in front of the Cathedral.

  2. nude posters says:

    im just curious, why did they wear off their clothes and gather in public place?

  3. Shane Cauley says:

    I am trying to find the point to all of this? Can someone explain. Shane Cauley Cheyenne, Wyoming

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