When The Road Bends – tales of a Gypsy Caravan

Update from May 8, 2007 (original posting was on November 2, 2006): The Gypsy Caravan will be playing in major US cities from June 15!

If you happen to be in Sofia on Nov. 4th, this is the place where you have to be:

WHEN THE ROAD BENDS… tales of a Gypsy Caravan

The film will have its Bulgarian premiere this weekend at the Cinemania/Kinomania Film Festival in Sofia:
Sat. Nov 4th @ 19.00 – National Palace of Culture Hall #1
Sun. Nov 5th @ 16.30 – Cinema Center

And most exciting news is that there will be a live concert by Esma Redzepova – one of the stars of this film and a musical star in so many ways!
Esma performs on Saturday November 4th.

Director Jasmine Dellal will be at the movie theater.

Please, join her – and/or send along any friends who may be interested.

More about the film: http://www.whentheroadbends.com and http://www.myspace.com/whentheroadbends. More about the festival: http://kinomania.gbg.bg

WHEN THE ROAD BENDS… five Gypsy bands from four countries on a six-week roadtrip across North America. The Gypsy Caravan concert tour unites musicians from around the world and dazzles every audience they meet. With fire in their bellies and soul in their voices, the musicians’ styles range from flamenco to brass band, Romanian violin to Indian folk. And they celebrate the best in Gypsy culture and the diversity of the Romani people in an explosion of song and dance. The film follows the amazing tour both on-stage and behind-the-scenes, and we discover the real lives of these musicians – traveling to their homes, meeting their families and seeing what music brings to their worlds. Intimate tales of these characters are woven between their performances, allowing us a new understanding of Gypsy music and giving us exciting revelations about Romani history and culture. (110 minutes)
Esma Redzepova
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Antonio el Pipa
Taraf de Ha?douks

Directed: Jasmine Dellal
Camera: Albert Maysles, Alain de Halleux
Produced by Little Dust Productions/Jasmine Dellal in association with ITVS, Fortissimo Films, FuWorks,
CPB Co-producer: Sara P. Nolan
Executive Producers: San Fu Maltha, Wouter Barendrecht, Michael J. Werner
Concerts produced by: World Music Institute
Sound: John Gurrin

“You cannot walk straight When the Road Bends…” – romani proverb

See an article (in Bulgarian) about the movie and the concert at the Dnevnik daily.

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