Complete Statistics About Usage, Spread of Internet in Bulgaria

There have been a number of surveys in the last few months, re: Internet usage. Here is a summary below, and when we are ready with this, we’ll publish the results, as well.

July 2009:

1. Internet is being used by 44.69 % of the population in Bulgaria, aged 15-69 (which means, the percentage is higher, because younger people use more). This is, according to a representative research of Market Test from July 2009. The complete statistitcs is published here (PDF file, 65 Kb)
2. Bulgaria ranks 1st in the European Union for usage of high-speed Internet (above 10 Mbps). The table is published here (PDF, 131 Kb), and the whole document – here (the page will open in a new window, the report is published in all EU languages). According to this data, 46.5 % of the Internet users in Bulgaria, are accessing the Net at speeds above 10 Mbps. Sweden is second, with 36 %.
3. According to a survey made by the Oxford and Oviedo Universities, nine countries, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Denmark and Romania have the quality of the broadband Internet, which is needed for future web applications (e.g. HD Internet TV). In 2008 only Japan was covering this requirement.

Last, but not least, is also clear – Bulgaria is ranked 7th in Europe and 9th in the world, in download speed, and 3rd in the world in upload speed.

It is time to inform the European Commission about all this, so that they don’t publish silly stuff like this.

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