On Net Neutrality

You may have hear the term “Net neutrality”?

No? Strange. Check what Wikipedia says about it. There are more interesting links at the end of the this Wikipedia entry.

I am writing about it, because next week I will be talking to the FTC on this subject. The FTC has a special Internet Access Task Force – a great idea, which should be copied by all relevant governmental agencies worldwide, if they want to move forward towards Information society. Check what the FTC chairwoman Deborah Majoras said (PDF) about the IATF.

If you think there’s something important on the subject of Net Neutrality, please, drop a note, or send me an e-mail to veni at veni.com

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  1. Veni, I would urge you to look at all sides of the issue, certainly. Our site is listed on Wikipedia, but I wanted to characterize our position for you a bit more accurately, and urge you again to look into it.

    The basic standpoint we hold is that the internet is better off in the hands of the people and supply and demand than it is stuck in Washington bureaucracies where there will be no accountability, and it will be regulated by an organization specifically designed to be incredibly slow-moving and to not react well to quick changes. As we both know, the internet is neither slow-moving nor slow-changing.

    At any rate, best of luck to you!

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