TED2009 Inspirations: Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is another great person I’ve met at TED2009.
Actually we have the opportunity to talk several times – while waiting to be seated at the restaurant, and then, after her wonderful performance, while chatting with people like Quincy Jones, Glenn Close and Regina Spektor. 1-sarah-jones

She is UNICEF spokesperson on violence against children. That alone should tell you a lot about her!

She is an actress with talent that goes beyond the US culture and is probably the result of growing up at the UN school in New York, where – as far as I understood – she picked up all the different accents (to be fair, she couldn’t tell that my accent was Bulgarian) that she uses in her show.

Sarah Jones is a playwright, and a poet, too. She’s won the Tony Award, the 2007 Brendan Gill Prize, and has been also awarded by a number of respected foundations and she also managed to successfully sue the Federal Communications Commission for censorship! As Wikipedia states it, “The lawsuit resulted in reversal of a censorship ruling, which had targeted her hip-hop poem recording “Your Revolution” in which she makes a powerful statement against sexual exploitation of women in hip hop music.”
She is a true character, and a remarkable Person (with a capital “p”, like Lena Maria).

It is better to go and listen to her speaking at the NOW with Bill Moyers.

My impressions from her is, that she’s a wonderful person, very friendly, very smart, and with understanding how many things and people she could influence and change, simply by performing at her best. She made me smile while performing, and made me think, when talking. I am sure that we’ll have other opportunities to see each other in New York, or somewhere in the world, wherever we are – there are so many things to talk about with her!

P.S. Oh, and she is gorgeous. Find her pictures at my TED flickr set 🙂

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