Bulgarian cafe and restaurant in Cape Town

I was in South Africa for the ISPA iWeek.

Before the conference I went to Cape Town, and to my astonishment, I found a… Bulgarian restaurant / cafe right in the middle of the city! And it was a great place!
“A Color Red” is on the corner of Hout and Loop str.
How did we found out it’s Bulgarian? The first hint was the menu – among salads “Bulgarian salad”! The second – soups, among them, “tarator”.

I asked the waiter if the chef or the owners are Bulgarian, and it turned out to be the owner. His name is Delyan. He studies international tourism in South Africa, and in the meantime is running a successful business.

The tarator I ordered came in a strange form, to which Delyan explained, “I’ve told them to mix yoghurt and cucumbers, and the chef did it; only with a mixer”. The machine has cut the vegetable in so small pieces that I couldn’t even seen them. And with 90 % of the cucumber water, it was clear. As it turned out, the menu was brand new, and we were the first customers to ask for tarator. Delyan used the opportunity to go back to the kitchen, and cook the tarator on his own. With all detailes – walnuts, dill, olive oil… It was delicious!

Delyan has travelled all over the world for quite a while. He has a family back in Bulgaria

I am recommending his cafe and restaurant to everyone who happens to be in Cape Town. Go, and try the Bulgarian dishes! The cafe is very close to Strand and Long street.

You can see the owner, Delyan, in front of his cafe at this picture:


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  1. Dan Halloran says:

    The Los Angeles Times last month gave a good review to “Danube,” a (well, the) Bulgarian restaurant in Los Angeles —

  2. Thanks for the tip Veni. As a Cape Town resident I will try A Color Red soon. I must admit I didn’t know it. Thanks again for the tip.

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