Goran Bregovic releases new album: Alkohol (with a "K"), part 1: Rakija

Goran Bregovic has released his new album, Alkohol (part 1: rakija, sljivovica). Great news for the fans.

    4.Na zadnjem sjedistu moga auta
    7.Gas Gas (Shantel vs. Bregovic)
    9.Za Esmu
    10.Napile se ulice
    11.Kerna mas
    12.Na ‘tan Ixara Olikopedo
    13.Tis Agap is Sou To Risko

You can download it, thanks to the Russians, archived with RAR (90 Mb file) from narod.ru, itfolder, or rapidshare.
Unfortunately, Amazon and eBay don’t yet sell it – so I can’t buy it from there, but will do so, as soon as they have it.


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5 Responses to Goran Bregovic releases new album: Alkohol (with a "K"), part 1: Rakija

  1. пейо says:

    Благодаря! Добре, че си ти да пи??е?? за новите неща на Брегович, защото и за преди??ния сигурно щях значително по-късно да разбера.

  2. Xavier says:

    Yu4you dot com is selling it, but it will take 1 to 3 weeks to be delivered. Amazon France is listing it too, but shipping date is set for January 09.
    Also, I think these are part 1 and 2 (Slivovitz AND Champagne) of the Alkohol project in the same album, and not just part 1. How wrong am I?

  3. Ralph says:

    Evalata. Izkefih se na max!!
    ima nekoi parcheta koito sa recycled (povtariat se ot predishni editions s nov arrangment)ama kato cialo e vrhyt.
    tova shte e podaraka za vseki deto me pokani na rozhden den taia godina :)))

  4. Igor says:

    soo…jeremija is an old folk tune, na zadnjem sjedistu , ruzica, za esmu i napile se ulice are Bregovic’s old songs that he played with Bijelo Dugme, and sound much better in original rock style. Anyway, a great album..

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